Farr Better Flasher

Developed by Scott Burneski and Justin Farr, Professional Guides at World-class Resorts in Campbell River, BC, the FARR Better Flasher™ is a breakthrough in the technology of fishing with a flasher! Their ingenious, patented design truly is FARR Better!

The revolution is in the quick release system. When the big one strikes, the Farr Better Flasher™ releases and eventually floats to the top, leaving you to play only the FISH - NOT the flasher!

Setup is simple: Attach the main line to the top swivel of the flasher, and run your bait, hoochie or favorite Gibbs spoon (Try the Gibbs GYPSY™!) behind the Farr Better Flasher™. You'll get the same superior action you have come to rely on from the Highliner™, while the patented easy release design ensures all efforts are directed at landing that catch!

Carrying on from our founder, Rufus Gibbs, we are listening to fishermen - they know what works. The Farr Better Flasher™ is available in all your favorite Highliner™ colors.

Add the Farr Better Flasher to your arsenal and Get Ready for the Fight of Your Life!